Why Turkey Is Getting a U.S. Drone to Fly Over the Kurdish Region

Turkey is considering sending a drone to fly over the Kurdish region, despite a recent court ruling that said the government cannot deploy drones to the region.

In June, a Kurdish court ordered the government to hand over the drones that the U.N. says are illegally used by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

In a ruling on June 15, the court found that the drones violated the rights of the Kurdish people to self-determination and declared them illegal.

A second ruling in the same case, issued a month later, also upheld the Kurdish ruling.

The second ruling was made after a long battle that took nearly five years.

In the first ruling, a federal judge had ordered the drones to be dismantled.

In March, the U:S.

military announced that it would deploy two unmanned aircraft to Turkey.

The U.K., France, Germany and the Netherlands are also considering sending drones to Turkey for the first time.

According to Turkish media, the government has asked the European Union to take the drones off the Turkish-led operation and instead give them to the United States.

The United States has responded that the drone is not the same as the drone that killed American aid worker Chris Kyle, but is instead a UAV equipped with sophisticated cameras and radar that can be used to monitor PKK targets.

In July, Turkey announced it had deployed a second UAV to fly close to the Syrian border.

In addition to the drone, Turkey is also considering buying two more.

The government has previously said it would not send drones over the border in the future, but the U.:S.

decision to deploy the drones raises new questions about the effectiveness of the program.

What’s happening in the Kurdish area?

Turkey has a long history of military coups.

After a failed coup in 1953, President Sukarno ordered the military to take control of the country.

The coup was led by General Efkan Ala.

The military subsequently took over several cities and towns, including Istanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakir, the Kurdish city of Kobani and the rest of the southeastern part of Turkey.

In 1964, General Eshakhanov declared that the republics of Transcaucasia and North Central Asia were part of the USSR.

The republics, which were later absorbed into the Soviet Union, remained under Soviet military control.

Since the 1980s, the United Nations and the U.,S.

and European Union have been trying to restore the republic.

After Turkey and the United Kingdom agreed to a ceasefire in late 2016, the two sides resumed military operations in the south.

On May 31, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched Operation Euphrates Shield, which has been described as the biggest military operation to date against the PKK.

In late June, the Turkish military launched another operation in northern Iraq.

The operation involved heavy military and police assaults on Kurdish positions, while the PKK and other rebel groups staged their own attacks on Kurdish targets in Turkey.

This latest operation was supported by the U.-led coalition and is known as Operation Inherent Resolve, or “OIR.”

Turkey has also been carrying out airstrikes in Syria.

On August 17, the country also announced that the United Arab Emirates, which is the biggest sponsor of the PKK, had agreed to pay $100 million to fund the reconstruction of areas it has recently taken back from the PKK since 2016.

What does this mean for the Kurds in the region?

In addition the recent drone deployment, the region has been in a state of turmoil since the coup attempt.

The Turkish government has accused the Kurdish Workers Party of plotting the attempted coup and has sought to crush the movement.

The Kurdish region has called on the U.;S.

to stop its drone deployment in Turkey and to work with the Kurds on reconciliation.

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