Which hospital gas systems can Turkey afford?

Turkey has about $400 billion in debt, the largest of any European country, and has been trying to slash costs to meet rising healthcare costs.

A new report shows that hospitals in Turkey are spending far less than their international counterparts on air conditioning, heating, electricity, and even toilets.

This is in part because of a government effort to sell more than 10% of the country’s gas and electricity, which has been a popular target for private companies.

The new report, which looked at Turkey’s gas use and its electricity use, shows that while the country uses less than a third of the gas used by the European Union and China, it is spending far more on electricity.

According to the report, Turkey spends $7.7 billion per year on electricity, while Germany spends $3.8 billion.

Turkey’s electricity use is roughly one-third of Germany’s, and one-fifth of the EU’s.

But while Germany has much higher electricity usage than Turkey, the report notes that the difference is only $1.2 billion.

In an interview with the Associated Press, an energy analyst for the Turkish company Energinas, Zeker Kökçen, said the situation in Turkey is very different than in Germany.

Kökñen said the reason why Turkey’s situation is different is because of its huge population, which means that its electricity consumption is higher than that of other countries.

He added that because the country has such a large population, it would be very hard to cut its electricity usage in half.

Turkey, like other European countries, has a gas shortage.

The country has to rely on imported gas to meet its needs.

That means that Turkish consumers have to pay a premium for gas in order to use it.

The price of Turkish gas, which is roughly equal to that of gas in Germany, is currently about $8 per 1,000 cubic meters.

But Kögçen said this is no longer the case.

He said the country will have to find new sources of gas.

“Our country is getting very expensive.

Our gas costs are going to increase in the future,” Kögyen said.

Turkey’s gas prices have fallen by 20% since 2013, but the country still imports about 75% of its gas.

Turkey has been in the process of buying more gas from Russia since 2018, when the country began importing natural gas from Azerbaijan.

The country’s economy is dependent on the Russian gas market, which was largely shut down during the Black September protests that followed the downing of Russian aircraft over Syria.

That was the first time that Russia shut down its gas supply to Europe.

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