Which country is the biggest user of air pollution?

The global health community is concerned about the health effects of air pollutants in some parts of the world.

But according to data from the World Health Organization, Turkey is one of the top emitters of air-pollutants.

Turkey has a very high number of air pollutants, and as such is one country that has been especially affected by the pollution.

The WHO estimates that over 10,000 people die each day in Turkey due to air pollution.

And with the country suffering from a long-term health crisis, there is a growing sense of urgency to deal with the problem.

Turkish Airlines has said that it is taking steps to improve air quality in its airports, which are located on a major highway, in an attempt to make its flights safer.

But the WHO data indicates that Turkish Airlines has actually increased its air pollution since it became a member of the WHO in 2014.

As such, Turkey’s air pollution may have increased since then.

The Turkish Air Pollution Index, or TAI, has increased from 5.2 in 2015 to 9.5 in 2018, while the number of people living in areas with the highest levels of PM2.5 pollution has gone up from 19,919 to 29,924.

The data indicates the extent to which Turkey’s problems are linked to the country’s long history of heavy industry.

The country is known for its heavy industry and the heavy use of coal, which has been linked to a range of diseases, including heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Turkey has been one of Turkey’s major exports since the 1920s, with exports reaching more than $3.3 billion by 2019.

However, in 2018 there was a drop in exports, which means that imports have also decreased.

This means that there are still some parts in Turkey that are still not able to absorb the additional air pollution that the country has been experiencing, says Dr. Mihael Bekir, director of the Center for Research in Global Health at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Beki said the problem with Turkey’s economy is that it has not been able to recover from the effects of the Great Recession.

The country has struggled to keep up with the growing demands of the modern economy and the changes that have taken place in the last decade.

Dr Bekib said that the situation in Turkey is similar to that of other developing countries in terms of the use of fossil fuels and a high reliance on imported materials.

Dr. Bikir said that these changes have been exacerbated by climate change, with hotter and drier weather and decreased rainfall patterns.

This leads to an increase in the amount of particulate matter in the air, and this increases the risk for respiratory illnesses, she added.

Dr Mihail Bekiri, director at the Center of Research in World Health at University of Pittsburgh, talks about air pollution in Turkey.

He says that as the population has increased, so has the amount that people are breathing.

This leads to more particulate air pollution, especially in cities, and these pollutants are contributing to more deaths and premature deaths.

Dr Mihai Bekikir is director of Research and Innovation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr Gül Traboul, chief of the Department of Public Health at Istanbul’s Bilgi University, said that as Turkey continues to experience the impacts of the economic crisis, its air quality is not improving.

This has led to an increased number of cases of air disease.

Dr Trabour is a professor of Public health at Bilgi.

He said that air pollution is a big problem in Turkey, and has increased in the years that have passed since the start of the crisis.

Dr Trabou said that because of the pollution, there are fewer people able to stay healthy.

And as a result, the numbers of people who are dying from air diseases have increased.

Dr Svetlana Dzor, director and senior adviser at the International Centre for Air Quality and Climate Research, said the increase in deaths and deaths due to respiratory diseases is not due to the effects on the health of the people, but rather to the pollution levels.

The air pollution has affected health, and people are not getting the proper treatment.

The increase in respiratory disease in Turkey has been so great that the government is doing nothing to prevent this, she said.

Dr Dzore said that since the onset of the climate change crisis, the number and extent of respiratory diseases in Turkey have been rising.

Dr Dzorm, a member from the Istanbul University of Science and Technology, said: I think there is an obvious correlation between the climate and the increase of diseases in the country.

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