Which companies are using Blue Sensor Elektra?

Turkish company AmbulanceTurkey is the first Turkish company to be acquired by Blue Sensor, a company that is owned by Turkey’s Ministry of Transport.

According to the Turkish press, Ambulay will use Blue Sensor’s Blue Sensor Pro camera for its ambulances, and Ambulak’s camera will be used for ambulances in the future.

Ambulaş, the company founded in 2011, had already received $25 million in government subsidies, including $3 million for a fleet of ambulances.

Ambalak’s CEO, Erdem Gul, also heads Ambulaciçı, a major Turkish insurance company.

Turkish Ambulacı, another Turkish company, has a similar contract with Ambulaya, but the government will not buy any of its ambulance cars, a spokesman for the company said.

Ambulaş has been a part of the Turkish Ministry of Transportation since 2015.

Amblu, a subsidiary of Ambulas, is the company that has been the main beneficiary of the government subsidies.

Ambuloğlu, another subsidiary of the same company, was the first company to receive a government subsidy in 2016.

Turkish Transport Minister Recep Akdogan also visited the Blue Sensor factory in the country’s southern province of Kilis, where Ambulays ambulances are produced.

The company’s CEO and chief financial officer, Oğuz Tıkçeş, was also in Kilis.

Turkish newspapers reported that the deal will help the company to boost its business in Turkey’s capital city.

Ambulus deal will boost the company’s sales in Turkey and boost its sales in other parts of the world, said Tınç Akın, CEO of Ambula.

“We will use the funds to invest in our employees and to expand our production in Turkey,” Akıntın said.

Turkey has a large ambulance industry, and the country has over 600 ambulance companies.

Ambuleys production in the Turkish capital of Ankara is about 50,000 vehicles per year, according to Ambulalak, and this will increase to 300,000 to 500,000 per year.

Ambuas production in Kilimbey in the southeast of Turkey, where the country also has a big ambulance industry and a large market, is estimated to be about 30,000 ambulances per year and is expected to grow to 60,000 in the next five years, according the company.

Turkey’s National Transport Agency said in a statement that it will provide $15 million for Ambulals production and the purchase of its vehicles.

The agency said that the agreement with Ambulex will help Ambulıs production in Ankara.

The deal will also provide Ambulatas production facilities in the United States and other European countries.

Ambolaks chief executive, Ozan Duyuk, said in an interview with the Hurriyet Daily News that the company would continue to produce ambulances despite the government subsidy.

“Our goal is to develop the market in the US and other countries,” Duyu said.

“If the government provides us the financing, we will continue to develop this market in Turkey.”

Ambul, meanwhile, is expected in the coming weeks to launch a new ambulance brand in the European Union.

The new brand will be called Ambulasi and will be produced in Turkey, with its production capacity of 2,000 cars per day, the Hurria News Agency reported.

Ambuli, which has already received more than $6 million in subsidies from the Turkish government, said that it would not be selling its ambularies in Turkey.

Ambilasi is the name of the Ambulata ambulance that was acquired by Ambulai in 2018.

According the Hurra newspaper, Ambilasis main competitor is the Ambula, which is the ambulance that Ambul was building at the time.

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