When Turkey’s Ambulances Operate with a Drone, It Gets Dangerous

Turkey is the world’s biggest user of drones, with an estimated fleet of up to 2,000 drones, according to the U.S. Air Force.

Turkey is also the country that is the most prolific manufacturer of drone hardware, according a report by DefenseOne, a website that focuses on defense technology.

That’s despite a ban on the export of military equipment to the United States, which the government argues is necessary to keep Turkey from becoming a hub for the spread of radical Islam.

In addition to the drone fleet, Turkey has several other military and civilian drones in use.

One is an unmanned helicopter, which is capable of surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Another is an advanced surveillance drone that can fly up to 400 meters (1,200 feet) above the ground.

The last is a reconnaissance drone, capable of operating in the dark, according the Air Force’s website.

The drone operators can also operate at night, but they can’t fly under military or civil skies.

While the drone fleets are being used for surveillance, there are also a few military drone operations going on.

For instance, the Turkish military has a fleet of surveillance drones capable of performing surveillance over the borders of Syria and Iraq.

While this has been used to investigate possible terrorist activities, the drones are also used for reconnaissance.

One of the latest drones, which was flown from the air over Iraq, was shot down in February 2016, killing at least one of its operators.

The pilot of the drone that crashed, Anadolu Agency, reported that he was a Kurdish pilot and that the pilot was not an official member of the Kurdish Workers Party.

The Turkish government maintains that the drone was used to track and destroy a truck loaded with explosives and weapons.

The Kurdish Workers’ Party has denied the claim.

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