When Turkey’s Ambulances Are In Danger: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

The world’s second-largest economy, Turkey has a massive and growing population of more than three million people.

In its modern history, it has seen the rise of democracy, democracy’s first president, Kemal Ataturk, and a massive influx of foreign refugees.

The country has long been a source of controversy for its treatment of refugees and migrants, but recently it has faced criticism over a string of deadly attacks on civilians.

Since December, at least four civilians have been killed in the country’s northern border towns of Reyhanli, Bodrum and Mersin.

As of Monday, three people were killed and at least five wounded in attacks on Kurdish security forces in the border town of Suruç.

In March, the country saw a series of bomb attacks in a refugee camp in the southeast, one of which killed four people.

This year, the government has also been facing a number of attacks on the border.

Last week, the Turkish army and the Kurdish forces of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) reportedly opened fire on a convoy of refugees who were attempting to cross into Syria.

While Ankara and the PKK have blamed each other for the violence, the conflict in Syria has long-standing links to both countries.

In October, Syrian President Bashar Assad agreed to the release of four prisoners held by the PKK in exchange for the release from prison of another PKK member, who is wanted by Turkish authorities.

In a letter to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu claimed that the PKK’s presence in Syria and Iraq was “a direct threat to the peace and stability of the region.”

Turkey has also seen a surge in the number of refugees fleeing the war in Syria.

According to figures released by the UN in June, Turkey was home to 2.4 million Syrian refugees in 2015.

The number has increased in the past two years, to 5.7 million refugees in April.

The UN refugee agency said that Turkey has been a leading source of Syrians seeking refuge in Europe.

Turkey has repeatedly denied claims that it is facilitating the flow of refugees into Europe and that its border with Syria is open to those fleeing the conflict.

Turkey also continues to claim it is hosting more than 4 million Syrian asylum seekers.

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