When Ambulances Need Ambulence: Turkey’s Ambulantei Ambulants to Save Lives

Ambulant suppliers are often at the forefront of a shortage of medics.

The company that supplies Ambulancers Turkey (ATK) is under pressure to get more medics to its clinics, and the country has a shortage in ambulance vehicles.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare estimates there are a total of 5,000 ambulances nationwide.

And when Turkish hospitals need Ambulantes, they have to pay them.

“When we need ambulances for emergency, we can’t rely on private ambulances,” says Hüseyin Yildirim, the Deputy Prime Minister.

Turkey’s ambulance fleet has been hit hard in recent years, with many of the fleet vehicles being in poor condition, or have mechanical problems.

And it’s not just the ambulances, but also the ambulant companies that are at a disadvantage.

“Private companies have to be paid,” Yildim says.

The ambulance industry’s biggest competitor is the private medical equipment manufacturer (Medekit), which is also facing an urgent need to increase its fleet of ambulances.

But it’s hard to find a firm to supply Medekit.

The Turkish Ambulantiemporiums Association (TAA) says the company has been selling ambulances in Turkey since 2010, and that they’re still making some ambulances that work.

The TAA also says that in 2016, Medekits fleet of vehicles made up 10% of the countrys ambulant fleet.

But that’s only because they had to increase the number of ambulants by a certain amount to meet the demand.

“We are in a crisis situation,” says Yildib, the deputy head of the TAA.

“So we need to buy more ambulances.”

So how can companies like Medekitts get their ambulances to work?

The company does have a fleet of vans that can be used to transport ambulances from one site to another.

But they’re also expensive to operate.

Medekiteys fleet of private ambulants is also in need of an upgrade, but the company isn’t sure how it will get there.

Yildiz says that they are planning to put up a new ambulance in the coming months, but that the current fleet won’t be ready to go.

It’s hard for companies like TAA to buy ambulances and equip them with specialized medical equipment because of the huge backlog of orders.

The Government says that the backlog is a result of a lack of funding, and says it will provide some money to the companies to make improvements to their fleets.

But the government hasn’t yet announced a solution for the shortage.

For now, Yildıntık says that Medekites fleet of ambulance will remain in a state of crisis.

“Medekites have always been able to deliver our patients with the right equipment,” Yıldırım says.

“But the demand is now very high.”

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