When a Turkish hospital’s equipment fails, it’s not the first time

Health workers in Turkey have been caught unprepared for a deadly coronavirus outbreak.

But when one of the country’s biggest hospitals, the Istanbul Erzerum Hospital, failed to deploy the latest medical equipment, it raised a red flag for health officials in the capital Ankara.

Turkey’s government and hospital industry have been on high alert since a massive coronaviruses outbreak swept through the country in October, which sickened more than 2,000 people.

Many doctors and nurses, however, have been unprepared for the pandemic.

The ERZ Hospital is a modernist medical facility that opened in 2014, with a focus on cardiac surgery.

It specializes in heart transplantation, respiratory therapy and the treatment of patients with multiple respiratory disorders.

ERZ also runs two emergency rooms, a trauma center and a rehabilitation center.

The emergency room is a large, open space.

It is surrounded by glass partitions, and staff wear masks.

There are no signs of patients who are ill.

ERV doctors are trained to administer CPR and other lifesaving measures to anyone in need.

The ERZ is also equipped with a fully stocked and staffed intensive care unit.

The hospital’s emergency room was also prepared for the new coronaviral threat, according to doctors and staff who spoke to Vice News.

But the ERZ hospital failed to use the newest equipment, which would have been required to handle an outbreak of this size.

“The ERV has been equipped with the latest equipment in the past year,” said Dr. Zeyad Yilmaz, a physician who heads the emergency room.

“We have tested all the new equipment, and we have a very high level of health.

But our hospital equipment hasn’t been up to the level of our needs.”

The ER Z Hospital was unprepared to handle the epidemic.

It lacked basic equipment, including oxygen tanks, and no air-conditioning unit was available.

A few of its doctors have been sent home from the ER.

When the emergency department was not equipped with air conditioning, ERV’s staff was forced to rely on manual air conditioning and the emergency door was locked.

The emergency room has no central control system to monitor the emergency rooms.

“We cannot communicate with the outside world,” said Yilkaz.

“The doctors are not in contact with the medical staff, and the staff is not in touch with the doctors.”

A lack of oxygen tanks is a major concern.

The air in the ERV is so cold that a patient in the emergency unit is exposed to extreme temperatures, which could kill them, the ER Z doctor said.

When the ERVA is not operating, the doctors have to wear masks to avoid contracting the virus.

The facility has not been able to deploy any additional protective equipment, as emergency rooms are now operating under tight security measures.

Doctors have been placed in isolation rooms, and many have been told not to speak with anyone outside the hospital, Vice News reported.

The lack of air conditioning is a big concern.

ERVA doctors have told Vice News that air conditioning in the facility is so inadequate that they have to use masks to prevent infection.

In the ERB, a large emergency room, the ventilation system is only working for about half of the time, according the ERZA doctor.

The doctors in the hospital are working to install a ventilation system, but this has proven to be difficult, according a staff member.

The system requires a full-time physician, a paramedic, a nurse and two nurses.

ERZA’s director told Vice that the facility’s doctors do not have the time to make this critical change.

The Turkish government has not responded to the reports of hospital staff being unprepared for coronavirochics, and ERZ has not yet said what steps it plans to take to ensure its doctors and facilities are prepared.

The Erzerim Hospital is one of Istanbul’s major medical centers, where nearly 50,000 patients are admitted daily.

ERZI, the largest hospital in Turkey, has a total of 9,000 beds.

The Erzerom hospital is the second-largest in the country, and its emergency rooms house more than 1,500 patients.

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