Turkish Ambulance to operate ambulances in Europe, Middle East, Africa

The Turkish government is set to open its ambulance fleet to the public starting next month, as part of an effort to modernize the country’s transport infrastructure.

The Turkish Health Ministry has been looking to expand ambulance use in recent years as Turkey struggles to cope with a massive influx of refugees from war-torn Syria.

Now, Turkish ambulances will be able to operate on public roads, as well as at airports and train stations.

The new fleet will initially be used in Istanbul and Ankara, as Turkey gears up for its 2020 Olympics.

In 2020, the country will start expanding its ambulance system, which will allow more people to get back to work and back to the home they left years ago. 

Takımız says that ambulances were once considered a luxury item that would only be used by the wealthy and elite. 

“But the government has decided that they will become a universal service,” he says.

“So we are ready to make it accessible for all.” 

While the new fleet of ambulances may seem small, the government says that they are a major step towards modernizing the countrys transport infrastructure, which is already being overhauled.

“The ambulances are the backbone of our transportation system,” said Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

“It’s the biggest source of public transportation.

It’s also the cheapest way to get to work, and is also a good way to transport medical equipment.”

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