Turkey’s Ambulances equip Turkey with ambulance equipment

Turkey’s first ambulance-equipped ambulance unit is ready to be delivered to hospitals in Istanbul as a part of a $2 billion project.

The new unit will be capable of transporting people from emergency rooms to hospitals.

The Turkish Medical and Hospital Equipments Company, TIK, will begin operating in Istanbul in the second half of 2018.

The first unit was delivered in July 2018.

According to the Turkish media, the ambulance was designed with three-wheeled vehicles, which were used for transport during World War II.

The ambulances were also equipped with a portable medical clinic and an electronic medical monitor.

The company, which was founded by a group of engineers, plans to build more ambulances, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion in Istanbul and other major cities.

The ambulance is expected to be used to transport people who need emergency treatment, and will be able to treat people who have suffered from respiratory diseases, as well as people with a medical condition.

TIK will also equip the ambulance with medical equipment.

It will operate at night, and the company is currently working on a plan to improve the ambulance’s communication with other ambulances.

The head of the company, Faysal Baydar, told the Hurriyet newspaper that the ambulance will be equipped with the latest technology.

“In the next 10 years, we are hoping to equip ambulances with a range of devices.

We are planning to make them fully automated,” he said.

According the Hurria newspaper, the ambulances will be powered by electricity and will also be equipped to carry stretchers.

In 2017, Turkey announced plans to equip 200 ambulance vehicles with a central battery that will power them from renewable energy sources.

In addition, Turkey is investing $500 million to upgrade its electric fleet.

In 2018, Turkey will be the first country to invest in the project.

Turkey’s Ministry of Transport has also awarded contracts to four other companies to build ambulances for the country.

Tik has already received a number of government grants for the project, and in 2019, it will receive a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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