Turkey suspends fuel supply to Armenia, Armenia to halt imports of gas

The Turkish authorities suspended supplies of gas to Armenia on Wednesday and ordered the importation of gas from Russia.

The gas is expected to be brought into Turkey.

Russia has been supplying gas to Azerbaijan since at least April 2018, and Turkey has also used Russia’s pipelines to export gas to Europe and the United States.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have accused each other of violating a gas deal signed in the 1980s to supply gas to each other.

The deal was signed between Armenia and Russia in 1994.

Russia, which supplies almost half of the gas in the EU, accused Turkey of not meeting its obligations and said that it will cut gas supplies to Azerbaijan.

“We have suspended gas supplies for a month and we are waiting for the results of the Russian gas investigation,” the Turkish Energy Ministry said in a statement.

Armenia has denied Russia’s accusations.

“It is completely false that the gas supply to Azerbaijan was suspended,” said Aleksandr Khodakyan, a senior aide to the prime minister, Yerevan.

“The gas supply is on.

The Russian gas pipeline to Azerbaijan is completely operational and is being used by Turkey.”

The ministry said the suspension of gas supplies was due to the investigation of alleged corruption and abuse of power by Russian state officials.

“Turkey has never and will never allow itself to be cheated,” said Anatoly Ponomaryov, the president of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.

The two countries have been negotiating on a gas contract since last year.

The agreement was signed after Armenia’s then-prime minister, Ilham Aliyev, was overthrown in a bloody putsch in 2014.

Turkey’s gas imports have declined significantly since then.

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