Turkey has been ordered to build 10,000 ambulances, up from 2,000

Turkey has received orders for 10,065 ambulances from its manufacturers, including a total of 3,000 in the past few days.

The orders came as the government has been accused of being complicit in the deadly chemical attack on civilians in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, near the Turkish border, in the early hours of Wednesday, the deadliest chemical attack in decades.

The government is also facing criticism over its failure to halt the deadly attack.

In a televised speech on Thursday, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called on the international community to “take strong measures” to ensure a “complete and independent investigation” into the attack.

He also warned that Turkey could face international isolation over the incident, saying that such measures would not be “easy”.

In a statement, the Ministry of Transport said it had ordered “a total of 1,200 ambulances for the Turkish Armed Forces”, and a total number of 8,500 for the Civil Protection Forces.

The ministry also said it was considering an increase in the number of ambulances it orders.

“We are in a period of transition, and this is what we need to take care of,” a statement from the ministry read.

“As soon as we have a solution, we will start the process of buying ambulances and moving them to Turkey.”

The ministry said it would be “responsible for the construction and delivery of the new ambulances”.

It also said that the purchase of ambulations would not include new ambulants for the Kurdish YPG militia, who have been accused by the government of being responsible for the Khan Sheikhun attack.

Turkey is a member of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Syria.

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