Turkey has a new ambulance vendor with some success

Turkey has become a leader in the medical equipment business, with a wide range of products ranging from medical equipment to surgical instruments and equipment for military personnel.

In a country where hospitals are already crowded with patients and the government has struggled to maintain basic services, the new ambulance provider has made a mark.

The new vendor, called AltaViz, has become one of the most important and well-known of the new wave of startups and has already garnered support from some of Turkey’s most powerful businessmen.

AltaVid’s founder, Cemil Almeydan, is one of them.

He was named chairman of the company and recently stepped down as chief executive.

Almeydans son, Nurul, is the company’s CEO.

AlterNet spoke with AltaVs CEO to get a sense of how the company has become so successful.

Alna Akılkaya: How did you get involved in the ambulance business?

Cemil: My father was an ambulance mechanic in Turkey, and I wanted to work in medicine.

I came to Istanbul, and at that time the city was a great hospital, so I decided to take my first job there.

I went to the hospital for my first surgery, and my father had an operation at the same hospital, which I did.

Then, at the hospital, I saw an ambulance in the lobby.

I thought, “This is not my first time.”

It was the first time I saw a helicopter, and that was a dream.

I saw it at the entrance to the lobby, so that’s how I became aware of the ambulance industry.

The ambulance industry was really new in Turkey and there were very few, and it was very hard to get in.

I knew I had to get involved.

Al: What do you see as the future of the ambulances in Turkey?

C: The ambulance companies in Turkey are trying to do more than what we are doing in the United States, but they also have to go beyond what they are doing.

They have to build more and better products.

I see this being a major factor in the future.

The ambulances need to be designed so that they can adapt to the different conditions of the patients, not just the patients.

I’m trying to see how they can develop products that are safe, that are effective, that don’t cost too much.

I think the more efficient they can be, the better.

I hope that by 2030, the ambulance companies will be able to provide this service.

Ala: Do you see the country becoming more affluent in the next 10 years?


Almah: I think we will be the wealthiest country in the world by 2025, and the average life expectancy is still not that high.

I would expect the average salary of a paramedic will be around $1,200 a month.

The number of ambulances is increasing.

Alta Viz is one example of how ambulances can become a major business in Turkey.

Alaa: How do you expect to help the people of Turkey?


Alma: The ambulance business is not just about the business itself.

The government is really interested in the community, and we are trying our best to be an active member of that community.


Alms: The company is working hard to attract a new customer base.

The new ambulance company has a unique concept: It provides health care for the people in need.

Al-Nour: The goal is to provide a safe, safe, affordable and convenient service.

The company has created a lot of jobs.


Almalat: We are trying hard to create a better environment.

There are people who have already been involved, and they know the company, and there are others who are interested.

Al-Nur: The most important thing is that the people who are here are good people, and a lot like us, they are not satisfied with the way things are.

Al Almeyn: I like how the Ambulance company does things: The way we work together is very friendly, and everything is done with love.


Alkis: The first thing I did after working with the company was to visit the country.

I wanted something to do, but I couldn’t find a place in the city.

So I decided I would come to the city and work.

Alnur: I saw the city in my dream.

The city is beautiful, and people are friendly.

We see the world through the eyes of our patients.

We are very happy to be here, and are trying very hard.

Alsı: Alta Vista has the best medical equipment and the best doctors.

Alma: We know the system well, and this is our first business.

I want to work with the government, and make sure they follow the rules and regulations.

Al Asad: The government will be responsible

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