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ReaniMed Healthcare with its specialized engineering team, experienced over 20 years is continuously extending its activities and product range, in order to cover the demands of the clients in a most perfect manner according to accepted European standards. Being a company with its head office in Istanbul, right in the middle of Europe and Asia,ReaniMed has established its manufacturing facilities based on the best Know-How and realises with great success the design, production, sales, installations and after sale services. ReaniMed Limited is specialized on furnishing of Turn-Key Clinics, Operating Theatres and Care Units. Medical Gas Systems and Equipment such as Pendant Arms, Surgical Control Panels, Laminar Flow Units, Surgical Scrubs and Automatic Doors are manufactured. Various types of patient Bed Head Units, Intensive Care Systems, Nurse Call Systems and Emergency Patient Handling Equipment are ReaniMed's specialties. ReaniMed's technical staff are continually being trained and updated on the latest technological developments. Also, various investment partnerships are realised with European and American companies. Supplying its products at a well accepted quality internationally is a fact to be proud of. ReaniMed is representing ONDAL / Germany, TLV / France, MD / Italy and FERNO / U.S.A. So ReaniMed Healthcare has rapidly become a leading company in the various areas of the healthcare industry with the flexible product and service range. ReaniMed is exporting it’s products to over 25 countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, UAE, KSA, Morocco, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Indonesia. There are many hundreds of installations for thousands of beds completed with ReaniMed products worldwide.

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