How to make an ambulance without a stretcher

An ambulance that does not need a stretchers is not an ambulance at all.

The first ambulance in the world was designed to be used for ambulance transport and to carry emergency medical supplies to patients and their families.

But the design of this ambulance is not limited to its ability to take people to the hospital.

It has been used for transport of patients to a hospital in remote parts of the world.

An ambulance with a stretchel for transport to a rural hospital in northern India is seen here.

In the late 1980s, the first ambulance for the transport of injured people in remote areas was built by the Indian government.

But the design was not limited only to transport to hospitals in remote villages and remote towns.

The ambulance also has a stretchelling capability.

The stretcher is positioned on the ground in front of the ambulance and is used for stretcher loading and unloading of the patients.

For example, in the Himalayas, the ambulance used by the Nepalese authorities to transport the injured in the Kathmandu Valley was equipped with a wheelchair.

To ensure that ambulances would have the stretcher, it was developed that it should be able to carry at least one person in the stretchers.

However, the design did not restrict itself to this requirement.

The ambulances that are used in the countries with the highest number of cases of airway obstruction and COVID-19 in the first months after the pandemic did not have a stretching capability.

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