How To Make a Better Ambulance In Turkey

I was working on a hospital in Istanbul at the time and decided to make my own ambulance.

This was quite a challenge.

First, you need to decide if you want a traditional ambulance or an electric one.

In the end I went with the electric one as the safety is better.

Then you have to decide on the style of ambulance and if you are going to buy a generator.

For example, a motorized ambulance can run on battery power.

You also have to consider the size of the ambulance and the location of the patients.

I made this project myself as a test for myself, and I am glad I did.

In a nutshell, the process of making a new ambulance is not easy.

It is just a matter of taking the necessary materials and building the basic components.

Here are the steps:1.

Purchase a few pieces of metal or plastic.

For the electric ambulance, you have a choice between a battery and a generator for the motor.

The electric ambulance requires a generator and can only run on batteries.2.

Buy a generator, a battery, and a few bolts and nuts.

I bought a generator at a local hardware store, so I had to use this as my starting point.

For my motor, I had a spare part from a nearby auto parts shop.3.

Build a motor mount.

This is the part where the motor is mounted on the chassis.

This way you can install the battery or the generator.4.

Build the engine.

The motor mount is attached to the engine and is connected to the battery.5.

Install the batteries.

This part is connected with a socket.

It needs to be installed first, but if it is not, you can cut the cable to a different socket.6.

Install a few screws.

I didn’t use these, but I do know that if you have more than three screws you have trouble.

If you need help installing the motor mount, please contact me.

I will add instructions and a video after I am done.7.

Install some brackets.

This will make the engine mount more stable.8.

Connect the engine to the chassis with the connectors on the right side.

This allows the batteries to be removed without damaging the motor, and the chassis to be opened up to allow the engine access.9.

Connect all of the cables that the engine will use to power the ambulance.

These will run from the generator and the motor to the motor and from the battery to the generator, from the engine, to the ambulance, and finally to the power socket.10.

Install all of those parts.

You will need all of these to connect the engine into the chassis and the generator into the power supply.

The battery is connected directly to the electric engine and can be used as a generator or used for charging the generator from the electric battery.

The generator is connected in series to the batteries, which are connected to a power socket connected to it.

The motor is connected into the engine with a wire that runs through the engine itself.

It can be a motor with a motor shaft or a motor that has no motor.11.

Install electrical wires to the motors and generators.

These should be connected to two terminals on the power sockets and two terminals of the electrical wires.12.

Connect them to the socket.

The power socket is connected as the generator is used to charge the generator to the main power.13.

Plug the generator in.

It will run on a battery that is attached with an adapter.

It should not run on any other type of battery.14.

The engine will run with the generator power.15.

The ambulance will be powered by the generator alone.16.

Plug in the battery and let it run for a few minutes.17.

The batteries will start to charge again.18.

The battery will start working again.19.

Plug it in again.

The ambulance will run normally, but it is best if you plug it in every day.

I usually do this when I am at work.20.

Plug back in and see if it runs properly.21.

The electricity will be stored in the generator so that when the batteries go bad, the ambulance can still work.22.

You have to check every day if the generator or motor is running.23.

The charger is a socket connected directly into the battery, so you can attach the charger to the car and use it to charge other batteries.24.

You should plug the charger in as soon as possible.25.

You can plug it out and check if the batteries are working.26.

You need to monitor the ambulance closely to make sure the power is functioning properly.27.

You might need to check the batteries for leaks or damage.28.

If the ambulance is operating normally, the charger will charge the batteries as fast as possible and the batteries will be ready for use.

The chargers are only needed if the ambulance does not work properly

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