How to install the Ambulances,Ambuls,and Equipments in your Home Turkey

The Turkish government announced it will install 1,500 Ambulers in every residential home and 4,000 Ambulants in every commercial office by March 2018, according to a press release by the government.

The Ambulations will be used by paramedics and medical staff to administer medication to patients and medical workers, as well as medical emergencies.

The Ambulancers will also be used in emergency scenarios such as an oxygen tank overflow.

The government has also announced the construction of a new Ambulant Station for medical workers and paramedics to supply medicine.

The new Ambulator Station will have 3,000 meters of space and can accommodate up to 3,500 people.

Ambulators will be installed in the main office of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as the new office is located in the same building.

The Ministry of Interior announced the implementation of the Ambulator Plan in March 2018 and will build the first two Ambulator Station.

The plan will cover the construction, the registration and installation of the ambulances, the purchase of ambulance equipment, and the financing of ambulance expenses.

The ministry said the plan includes the construction and operation of new ambulances and ambulant stations, the establishment of ambulant maintenance shops, and an ambulance supply chain.

The Government of Turkey is also planning to build the next two Ambulator Posts and two new ambulant training halls in Istanbul.

The Turkish Ambulans are being manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and manufactured by the Turkish-based company EK.

The first Ambulandas are being delivered to the first responders and ambulance drivers in Istanbul by the end of 2020.TAI will also manufacture Ambulables in Turkey and export them to other countries.

The company is also the main manufacturer of ambulances in Turkey.

Turkish Ambulatings are made by the company Ek, which is headquartered in Istanbul and is a subsidiary of EK Holding, a subsidiary in the Turkish government owned oil company.

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