How to get the best ambulance in the world

In the world of medical equipment, Ambulances have long been a fixture of the military and medical equipment market.

The first one ever built was built in 1915, in a joint venture between the US Navy and the British Army.

Since then, the US Army and the Navy have built countless ambulance variants over the years, each with its own distinctive design and functions.

In the past decade, the military has also built some of the most popular ambulance models in the country, including the Blackhawk, the M60E3, and the CH-47 Chinook.

But what about ambulances that don’t get much love from the military?

A few years ago, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) partnered with American-Italian company Ambulante to build a medical vehicle capable of delivering oxygen and CPR from a helicopter.

The prototype was dubbed the “Ambulante Ambulant,” and it’s currently used by the Turkish military.

The company was awarded $8.5 million in the contract in 2015, according to Business Insider.

The vehicle is the first of its kind to be made by an Italian company, and it also serves as a demonstration of how Ambulanta’s design could be adapted to the civilian market.

The Ambulanto Ambulantes can operate in any weather, and they have a variety of options to meet any medical needs.

It’s designed to work for both civilian and military personnel.

The ambulance is able to provide both oxygen and COVID-19 (CVD) treatment, according the company.

The device is also capable of providing CPR to anyone in need, although the device is currently limited to just five people.

The company is also working on a different ambulance, called the Ambulans-Pilot.

It will have the ability to operate in extreme temperatures, and will be able to treat anyone at the moment, the company told Business Insider in a statement.

However, this ambulance will be more expensive than the Ambolans-Pro, which is expected to cost $8 million.

According to Ambulants CEO Sergio Pernetti, this new ambulance could be a key part of the future of military equipment.

Ambulas are designed to be used in extreme environments, which means that there’s a high likelihood of the Ambulentant being useful when it comes to operating in extreme conditions.

Pernett also said that the new ambulance is not only an improvement over the Ambientan-P, but is also more efficient than the current models.

“The Ambulentan-Pro is very well suited to the current conditions, but it’s very difficult to maintain,” Pernitt said.

“In the future, Ambulentants are expected to be the backbone of the army.

They are going to be a very important piece of equipment for the future.”

The new Ambulando ambulance will debut in 2020, but its first deliveries will likely happen in 2021, according Pernetts plan to begin delivering the Ambulatione ambulance in 2022.

The current Ambulandas prototype is built to run on battery power, and this new version will be powered by a fully electric propulsion system.

The Ambulanders-P and Ambulan-E are currently the only vehicles in the US military to be powered entirely by electricity, according The Hill.

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