How to find out if your gas company is part of the Turkish gas cartel

As the gas industry has been decimated by the economic crisis, gas producers are scrambling to find new sources of funding and to find alternatives to the country’s main supplier, Gazprom.

Many are using Turkey’s gas tax as a bargaining chip.

The gas tax was created in 1974 and was intended to protect the country from rising prices, which then became unsustainable.

Since the crisis of the 1980s, Turkey has had a massive economic downturn.

This has led to shortages of gas and the gas tax, which is the only source of revenue for many small and medium-sized companies, has been reduced from 15 percent to 5 percent.

As a result, some gas companies are seeking to raise gas taxes from 5 percent to 10 percent to pay for the reconstruction and reconstruction work.

But some gas producers, particularly those in the countrys southern provinces, say they will not pay for such an increase unless the Turkish government offers some relief in exchange.

This is the reason why the Turkish Gas Association (Kazmet) has announced it is forming a new gas tax reform committee and will propose a bill in parliament for parliament to approve.

The proposal comes amid an ongoing fight between Gazprom and the Turkish Energy Ministry over the future of the gas monopoly, which has been in a dispute with the Turkish National Oil Company (NNO).

Gazprom has been calling for a five-year freeze on the gas price, which it says would allow the industry to recover and restart production.

Gazprom is also threatening to pull out of Turkey if the gas prices rise more than 5 percent from their current levels.

According to Gazprom, the country is in the process of recovering about 5 billion cubic meters of gas annually.

This means that if gas prices increase by 5 percent, Gazcom will have to take back over 80 percent of the production.

“If the government offers a higher price for gas, the gas companies will not continue to supply Turkey with gas, and it will make it harder for us to restart production,” said Ecevit Kuznetsova, a Gazcom representative.

However, the industry is not going to abandon the gas cartel entirely.

“Our members are willing to pay the gas taxes as a condition of participating in the gas-for-work program,” said Ozan Türki, a representative for Gazcom.

Kuznad Altan, the head of the National Energy and Development Committee, said the Turkish industry is working on a bill that will make the gas money more attractive for companies, which will allow them to start producing gas. However Türk said the gas bill would have to be approved by parliament and that the gas cartels would not be able to continue to demand an increase in gas prices.

“The gas cartel is in a war with itself,” Türker said.

According the Gazcom spokesperson, the Turkish companies are also discussing the possibility of forming a company for the purpose of developing the gas fields in the southeast.

According a Gazco official, the company is currently negotiating with a company in Iran for a pipeline that would connect to a pipeline in Turkey.

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