How to avoid becoming a blue sensor in Turkey

A Turkish scientist has developed a blue-light-detecting smartphone that can detect the blue light emitted by your smartphone in a way that other smartphones cannot.

The Blue Sensor (or Blue-Tek) is a smartphone that is designed to detect blue light from the smartphone, but can also detect other light sources, such as the sun, to better understand its surroundings.

It uses an array of LEDs, which are arranged in an array around the smartphone to form a photo-colour spectrum.

The smartphone can also send the results of the spectrum analysis to a computer, which can then calculate the exact distance to a source of light.

The device was unveiled at the Istanbul Science and Technology Exhibition (TSE) on Thursday.

Blue-light detection technology has long been used to monitor wildlife in the wild, but until now, its performance was limited to detecting ambient light from phones, and not the sun itself.

The sensor is built using a thin film that is thin enough to be implanted in a mobile phone and that has the capability to absorb blue light.

It measures light emitted from a smartphone’s display and then compares the intensity of that light to that of a background that has a similar level of brightness.

This is then used to calculate the distance to the source of the light.

Blue light has long-been a problem in the world of smartphones, where it is a common problem in smartphones that are powered by powerful batteries.

It is also a problem with the devices that are sold in the market today, because the battery can become damaged over time.

The problem of blue light is also linked to human behaviour.

The research team of Prof. Suleyman Zalmanli, a physicist from Ankara University, has developed an algorithm that can be used to analyse the energy of light and calculate its energy density.

He said the Blue Sensor would be useful in many areas of research, such in medical applications, where blue light has a damaging effect on human vision.

The blue-detection technology has the potential to be a useful technology for humans, as well, as a source for the production of medical devices and sensors.

The team plans to use it to measure the energy density of blue-based lighting, which could help to reduce energy consumption in the energy-intensive production of solar cells.

개발 지원 대상

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