How Donald Trump’s election could shape Turkish industry in Turkey

The United States will continue to provide a key strategic role in helping Turkey with its economic and political transition, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said Thursday, as the US military announced that it would deploy hundreds of special forces troops to help with a potential coup attempt.

The US will provide “training, technical assistance, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance” to help Turkish security forces respond to the attempted coup, Yildirs statement said, adding that Washington would provide the “equipment, supplies, and training” needed for Turkish security officials to combat the “incitement to violence” and “extremist activities.”

The Turkish government has said that the military would deploy “more than 20,000” special forces to Turkey, and has called on its NATO allies to send troops to the country.

Turkey is one of the most important U.S. allies in the Middle East and has a military presence in the region.

But the Trump administration’s actions have alarmed the country’s largest business, the United States-based BNS Group, which said it is considering pulling out of Turkey.

The company said in a statement that it had asked the U.N. Security Council to “provide a unified and effective mechanism to protect our interests in Turkey.”

The statement said it would also consider withdrawing from the European Union if the United Nations does not “take urgent steps to protect Turkey.”

US-based businesses are not the only ones looking to leave Turkey.

Turkey’s largest privately held bank, Bank Aksu, is also considering cutting ties to the US, according to Reuters.

The bank has a $15 billion U.K. debt, and the US government has stepped in to buy the bank’s assets.

BNS said in its statement that the bank is “not taking any decisions until we can have clarity on the situation in Turkey,” adding that it is “aware of concerns expressed by certain business leaders.”

“BNS Group is considering the possible impact of the U-turn in US policies and actions on our business operations in Turkey, which is a significant issue for the entire financial system,” the bank said.

BNT, a major Turkish exporter, said it will continue investing in Turkey.

“We are looking forward to our continued cooperation with the government of Turkey and the Turkish people,” the company said.

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