A new type of ambulance for paramedics

A new way to deploy ambulances is coming.

It’s called Blue Sensor and it’s being developed by Ambulance Equipment Turkey.

The idea is to make ambulances available for remote medical missions in remote places.

Ambulances are an essential part of modern healthcare systems and are used by a growing number of hospitals and doctors.

But ambulances are also prone to break down.

They are very expensive to run, especially if you’re not prepared for them.

To address this, Ambulay is developing a new type to carry ambulances for remote missions.

It will also be able to deploy them.

Blue Sensor was designed with a simple goal in mind: to make ambulance-borne medical supplies available to remote healthcare workers.

The Blue Sensor ambulance has a large airbag that helps prevent injuries.

A small air compressor sits inside the ambulance, which helps compress the air, while a hydraulic pump powers the system.

The ambulance has three airbags, which are positioned on either side of the vehicle’s engine and engine block.

The first two airbags are located on the front and the third one is on the back.

The airbag on the rear can be activated by a hand held button, while the one on the inside is activated by using a button on the side of a helmet.

This way, the airbag is activated whenever the ambulance is going to move and the ambulance’s crew are going to be needed to move it.

It also means that if you need to use your airbags at the airport, the driver will be able and ready to get them.

The only downside of the ambulance system is that the ambulance can’t be loaded and unloaded from the vehicle.

In order to make this work, Ambula will use the ambulance for medical purposes.

The ambulances will be equipped with a GPS module to help locate the closest ambulances in the area.

They will also have an emergency contact and an emergency communication system, as well as a water pump that can be used for water purification.

The GPS module will enable the ambulance to communicate with other vehicles in the vicinity.

In addition, Ambuli will also deploy a medical kit, which will include oxygen and other necessary supplies, and a helmet that is used to protect the driver during emergencies.

The paramedic will also use the emergency contact for medical matters.

It has two screens, one on each side of its ambulance and one on top of the front of the car.

This enables the driver to see where the ambulance will be located in case of an emergency.

Ambuli says that the system will be deployed in the coming months and that it will be ready to use by 2019.

Ambula has already been granted a patent for the Blue Sensor system and says that they will be the first to market.

The company says that there will be a variety of applications for the ambulance.

It can be useful in disaster zones, such as in the Middle East, where there are very high casualty rates and where medical supplies are scarce.

It is also a great way to help in rural areas where health care is a huge concern, as people often cannot access healthcare services.

The main drawback is that this type of system will require a lot of space.

Ambulate says that their ambulances should be able use a vehicle that is just over 10 meters wide.

They also want to make sure that the ambulances have enough room for the medical kit.

If Ambulaya is successful, they will also want the ambulance systems to be able transport patients, which means they will need to be in a more central location.

Ambulus ambulance will first be deployed at airports, airports with large medical centers and hospitals.

They plan to launch this ambulance system at airports and hospitals later in 2019.

They hope that their system will allow them to operate ambulances at airports for many years to come.

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